How to choose keywords for SEO

The first step for increasing traffic to your web site is to gain a good understanding of how your customers use the search engines. In other words, the words you use to refer to your products and business are not necessarily the same words your customers use. So how do you find out what words are used most?

A strategic keyword analysis is the answer to this question. Using a variety of tools and techniques, we can find out how many people are searching on certain words, how much competition there is for these words, what companies are paying for keywords and much more. Typically, we find out that the words we thought customers were using are rarely searched and other terms we didn’t think of are killer keywords!

Choosing the right keywords and phrases is critical. If a search engine can’t connect your Web site to the words and phrases people are searching for, you simply wont be part of the search results.

Once you have a long list of words (some companies have thousands of keywords) it’s time to figure out on which ones you can actually compete. For example, if one of your keywords is “insurance” you will find that millions of searches on “insurance” are done every month. It would seem like this is a good keyword to use, right? Wrong – there is also a ton of competition for this word – thousands of companies trying to claim the number one spot for “insurance”. The key is to find words and phrases that have a high incidence of searches and a relatively low level of competition.

One way to compete would be to narrow the focus and geotarget – for example, “auto insurance Austin” – or “home owners insurance Texas” or “insurance brokers Austin”. While there will be competition for these words, it won’t be nearly as competitive for the most obvious words.

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