This Blog Has Moved!

subscribe_newblogIf you’ve been reading my blog for a while or have just stumbled on my sporadic flashes of brilliance, you’ll want to Click Here to visit the new site. You’ll still get the same, no nonsense, behind the scenes marketing advice but it will be much easier to read and packed with more value.

Going to blogs is so 2004!

The best way to keep up with my steady stream of enlightened content is to subscribe to the new blog. That way, every time I whip up some deep thoughts on how you can grow your business, it will come straight to your in-box – no questions asked!

I won’t be updating this blog any more. So you’ll want to visit http://www.claritymarketingsupport.com and subscribe. Right now. Go on. It’s free. No, not after lunch – do it now.  Pretty please?


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I'm a serial entrepreneur, marketing and media guy, raconteur, writer, producer and consultant. I write this little blog to help you unravel the mysteries of marketing and selling, to expose the silliness that masquerades as marketing and help you make better decisions that will grow your business. And I have fun with it. Why not comment? That way we can have a conversation. Or better yet, hop on over to my web site and drop me a line.

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